Manse Games Privacy Policy

When registering or applying for Manse Games, the event organisers will need to gather and store your personal data in Manse Games Applicant Register. Please read the Privacy Policy below before consenting.

1. Controller & Contact

The Controller of the register is Traplight Ltd. which is the main organiser of Manse Games event. In any issues related to privacy or personal data please contact Emmi Kunnila, +358 40 147 8421, Keskustori 7 A 3, 33100 Tampere,

2. The Purpose of The Register

Manse Games needs to collect and store your personal data that you submit through the event’s apply system. The data is stored in order to select the attendees, and send them relevant info about the event, like tickets, schedule changes, reminders etc. via email. The personal data will also be used to verify the registration of the attendees on the day of the event. The data is collected into a .csv file through the website’s registration system, and will be stored until 30th of November (one week after the event), unless you opt in for newsletter for information about future Manse Games events and related news. In case you choose to opt in, your data will be stored until you decide you want to opt out. You can opt out at any time.

3. What is collected?

We only collect the data that you submit via the registration system.

Manse Games webpage collects anonymized website traffic data via Google Analytics cookie.
Google Analytics cookie is used to distinguish unique users through the assignment of a number generated at random as a client identifier. It is used to calculate the number of visitors.

You may block the use of cookies by changing their browser settings. Instructions for blocking cookies can be found in your browser’s own help pages:

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4. Disclosing your personal data to third parties

Manse Games does not disclose or share your personal data with third parties inside or outside of EU. Only Manse Games organisers have access to your personal info. This includes employees from Traplight Ltd. and Bon Games. In case you decide to opt in for the newsletter, please notice that the controller of the register might change for future events, but your personal data will still be only used for the purposes of Manse Games only.

5. Your data protection rights

You have the right to check, review, update, correct or ask the deletion of your information maintained in Manse Games Applicant Register at any time. For requests related to your data, please email Please notice that in case you ask for deletion of your data before the event has taken place you will forfeit your right to any possible tickets that you may have received, as the Manse Games organisation will need your data until the end of the event as mentioned in section 2. If you choose to opt in for newsletter you have the right to opt out at any point you wish via the instructions sent in the newsletter email. If you choose to opt out your data will be erased from the register, and in order to opt back in you need to resend your information to the organisers.